On 29 January we celebrated that it was five years since Juliet and I started the UK Quilters United Facebook group. The group has grown to over 15,000 members and we have created sub-groups to cater for different audiences and interests. The main group is still focusing on sharing our love of quilting (all types are welcome), but we also have groups for swapping mini quilts, postcards and hexies, as well as our own Classifieds group and Continuing Development group. Finally, we have a Social group for everything else, and it really does cover everything!

The original printed book

In all our groups, typically, the posts and comments are fairly short, so capturing longer stories in a book format, as we did back in 2015/16, allowed for yet another platform for our members. Those of us who were lucky enough to get hold of a copy (there was only 100), thoroughly enjoyed the read. The stories really showed how different some of our lives are, the struggles we have, the fun we have experienced and the skills we have developed.

Contribute your story to Book 2

We believe that everyone has a story to tell and are hoping that you (yes you!) would like to contribute a story or two for a second book by and about UK Quilters United. We are welcoming all types of stories, as long as there is some connection to quilting and / or UK Quilters United. 

Stories could cover e.g. what UK Quilters United has meant to you and your quilting journey, what you have learnt from our various groups, friends you’ve made, the most bizarre stories you’ve read (that’ll be from the Social group…), etc. 

We are also interested in stories relating to your love of quilting, why you quilt, how quilting may have helped you in some way, and any other quilting related memories or stories you’d like to share.

As we are most likely publishing the stories as an ebook, the focus will be on text, rather than on photographs. Stories should be at least 300 words, but ideally 500-1000 words. We’d welcome a few longer stories as well, so hopefully everyone will be able to share their stories. If there is interest we’ll also make a paper back version available (although that tend to end up quite a bit more expensive).

If you’d like to contribute a story or two, please fill in our google form.

Future competitions

Please keep your eyes open as we’ll run a few competitions related to the second book, including title of the book and cover quilt.

Top tip: Purchase UK Quilters united by a common thread (book 1) on Amazon and leave a review as this will ensure more people can find the book.