As some of you may already know – I live in Granada Province, Andalucia, in Spain. Our village here is very small with just over 1000 inhabitants, both Spanish and incomers from other parts of the world.

Due to little work and an ageing population, the village is quite poor, and the incomers are certainly helping prop up the village shops and businesses. The Town Hall is doing its’ best to provide a good infrastructure of roads, pavements and lighting. We have a school (just!), pharmacy, library, Drs Surgery, a brilliant Swimming Pool and bars aplenty.

However, when it comes to things like medical equipment ie a Defibrillator, we are sadly lacking. Some of the Ambulances do carry them, but with the nearest Hospital nearly 30 kms away it would be great to have our own machine here in the village! It certainly could save lives….

To this end, a group of villagers (both Spanish and incomers) decided it was time to do something about it. We set up a fundraising team to raise the 2000+euros necessary for a Defibrillator Machine and the casing so that it can be placed in a central position outside the Town Hall.

We have, so far, raised 1800 euros by holding various events, raffles and donations. To this end some of the ladies of the village have been making soft toys, plastic shopping bag dispensers, Christmas Decorations etc. These have been very well received. I, myself, have donated a Teddy Bear and a fully dressed Luna Lapin as well as Pot Holders, Baby’s Quilted Play Mats and so on.

One of the best-selling items are, strangely, Pin Cushions! So, I thought I would make Sunhat Pin Cushion for my July Blog – which is quick and easy to make, a good stash buster and looks great!

Here are the instructions and requirements to make your own….

You will need:

1 CD

1 small Tuna Tin, well washed and dried!

1 Sponge scourer

2 circles of Fabric approx. 9inches in diameter

Ribbon, lace or similar for decorating.

Glue gun – not vital!

Baste round the edge of both circles of Fabric. Cut the Scourer into a round so it fits tightly into the empty Tuna tin.

Cover the CD with the Fabric and pull the basting tightly and fasten off. Place the other piece of Fabric over the top of the Scourer and down the sides of the tin and pull the basting tightly and fasten off as you did for the CD.

Basted and ruched

Position the bottom of the tin in the middle of the CD so the basted ruched Fabrics are together.  Pin into place. (You can use a glue gun to fix the two together if you wish.)   Sew the tin and CD together round the edge of the tin.

Decorate over the sewed seam with ribbon or lace or similar.

I sell these for 3 euros apiece and they sell like hotcakes! Hope you like my Sunhat Pin Cushion – please let me know what you think, and please do post a photo of yours.

Sue Burford


  1. Heather Stern

    This may just encourage me to clear out some CD’s, your explanation is really clear. So good to hear that you are part of that little village and helping to keep it vibrant, Andalusians are such lovely people in my experience.

  2. Ruth Garner

    Excellent cause Sue and what a great idea. Will make some of these for our group exhibition next year. A good way to use up some old CDs but will have to find a vegan alternative to the tuna tin 🙂