Foundation piecing is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it…well I love it…FPP that is..not Marmite.. well I don’t exactly hate it but it just sits in the cupboard next to the 5 Spice.. just how long is the shelf life…I digress.

I was called upon to babysit our granddaughter while the parents went along to the open evening…at nursery…she is three! Well they have to start sometime I suppose.

I duly arrived, she was in slumberland, so settled in for the hour. Lounge was under dust sheets due to building work…so no tv…opened iPad…no internet as forgot to ask for password.

So I was just happy to sit in their new kitchen, in the cool evening after a very hot balmy day, listening to birdsong and distant shrieks of children playing out late in their local park.

As I sat, my eyes were drawn to the new kitchen tiles, and like many of you, I can see patchwork designs on floors…carpets…walls…everywhere…and this was no exception…

Hmmm…I see hexis…triangles…half hexis…a geometrical delight. As I studied the amazing expertise of the tiler’s work I wondered if it could be made into a quilt? By the time Mummy and Daddy arrived home, with big proud grins on their faces…yes..she was doing well, I had a plan.

After many screwed up pieces of paper piled up in my waste bin I had cracked it!

I thought it had Foundation Piecing written all over it so decided to have a go.

I found some beautiful blues in my stash that were shouting “pick me…pick me” so I quickly auditioned them and this is the end result…

Encouraged by my guilty friends on UKQU Facebook I decided to write the pattern up and it can be found here…

Of course I had to make another to pattern check, so decided to make the triangles in the same fabric to stand out.

Or how about some simpler little mug-rugs….

Now I know it’s not everyone’s favourite method..” it’s all back to front”…”there’s too much wasted fabric”…”all that tearing papers out”… well yes I do agree to a certain point, but the accuracy is there and that’s what I like. I also use a thin cotton, so no pulling out papers away from those beautiful stitches . A few years ago I used Magic Paper, which I think is still available in the States, which was perfect and similar to nappy liners( for those that are old enough to remember them).

My friend, who pattern tests for me, used old worn handkerchiefs that she kept for recycling!

So If you haven’t tried it…give it a go… it’s just sewing on straight lines…what’s not to like!

I hope, like me, you’ll like this method….or is it a ‘Marmite’?


  1. Karin Pope

    Not keen on marmite(or 5-spice, as we had an elderly bottle of it that I only threw out last year…) however I absolutely adore FPP and have used it to make some beautiful quilts! Thanks for spreading the word about it!