Once or twice a year, in the school holidays I take my two children into London. A big day out on the train into the big city. Living in Essex means it’s less than an hour to get in to Central London via Fenchurch Street station. Right across the road is The Tower of London and you can easily hop on The Thames Clipper and take a trip down the river.

As any parent or grandparent knows, a trip out means lots to carry. We take a backpack with snacks and drinks and the kids bring along their pocket money and any coins left by the tooth fairy. When you already have a full back pack and purse the last thing you want is to have to carry their purses too so I decided to make them small cross body bags so they could look after their own money.

These are really simple to make and really don’t take much fabric.

I started off with 2 rectangles of fabric (One outer, one lining) 5.5” x 7” and then cut across the top to add in the zip.


If you are using a quilting cotton or cotton poplin after inserting the zip and topstitching it you can add a piece of wadding by lifting the outer fabric and pushing the wadding right up next to the zip between the layers. With my outer fabric being a cotton canvas I chose not to add wadding. Once you have finished your bag front and quilted it (if desired) measure it and cut the back pieces, adding batting and quilting if required. 


Place the front and back together, lining pieces right sides facing and pin them together. If you wish you can round off the bottom corners, I used a children’s beaker and a water erasable pen to mark the curve and then trimmed off the corner.

To help keep all the layers in place I quickly basted around the edges before trimming off the zip ends. This is a good time to check you are happy with the size an shape of your bag. If it seems a little big you can easily trim it down before beginning the binding.

The first part to bind is the top, cut a length a little wider than your bag, open out the binding sewing to the front before folding over on to the back and topstitching down.

To finish, with a long length of binding attach the binding to the front of the bag. I then’ hung’ the bag on my daughter to determine how much binding was needed for the strap. After trimming it to fit, I joined the end before folding the binding over to the back, pressed it and then top stitched down from the front, going all around the bag and the strap.

Perfect for a little pocket money, and perhaps a small souvenir too! Very lightweight so the little ones don’t complain about carrying them and being cross body they stay on quite securely, especially if you put them on under a little jacket or hoodie. Who wouldn’t love their very own Unicorn Pocket bag??