I had a lovely treat the other day – the postman knocked on the door and bellowed that she was leaving a package on the step.  Allowing a suitable time for the postie to head off, I opened the door and grabbed my package.

These days we don’t just tear open the package and dive in to whatever is inside, we carefully open things, safely dispose of the packaging all the while being careful not to touch whatever is inside, put the contents down in a safe place then scrub our hands and whatever surfaces the packaging has touched!  Oh how they will look back on these times and wonder what the heck was happening to us!

Anyway, there we are, all the safety routines employed and I can actually look and see what this unexpected package is!  There was a little note from Clare at Patterntrace saying that she heard I might like to review their new Quilters’ Workbook!  Woo hoo!!


Patterntrace are a niche company who started off creating Swedish Pattern Paper for the UK.  Have a look at their website – since those days they have diversified a bit and create a variety of items for us creatives.

This workbook is a lovely product.  Brown Craft Card covers, nice heavy weight paper, spiral-bound.  It is A5 and feels nice in the hand.  It is well thought out – space for a list of 20 projects with tick columns for completion of the various stages, and then a double page spread for each of the projects.  There’s even a block of squared paper to sketch out your design.



There’s diagrams for 10 block designs with very basic instructions for completion and a list of more blocks to research and try.  There’s even space for you to write your own ideas.

There a whole section of different types of gridded paper to help with drawing out your own designs – square grids, hexagons, isometric.  And even a reference section at the back with some standard American sizings for beds, fabric cuts etc.  


The one section that I don’t feel too comfortable with is the Meet The Maker page, but that’s because I don’t tend to write too much about me and I tend to roll my eyes a lot when Speakers start to talk about their Quilting Journey, and this section would feed straight into this!  


But on the back of that page there is a section for your Quilting Goals.  That is something that I think we should all pay attention to – our goals could be quilts we want to make, teachers we want to take classes with, styles or techniques we want to learn.


I have been told I can keep this copy so I am really looking forward to putting it to use.  It retails at £12.50 – and that seems a fair price.  Look for it on https://www.patterntrace.com/