Like most families up and down the country I am also trying to home school, a 12 year old boy is not an easy student but we have a firm understanding that to play on his xbox a certain amount of work must be completed. I know some of you will think, she’s a teaching assistant, she’ll be fine! Let me remind you I work with 6 to 7 year olds not 12 year old practicing gcse maths questions 😬.  We have turned maths into a bit of a quiz so we sit together with paper and calculator to see who can work them out, he is beating me!

Once home schooling is complete and guitar practice has taken place its time to chill. This time off has given me time to rearrange my sewing room and become familiar with my new toy. I splashed out on an embroidery machine, I’ve dreamed of one of these machines for years but my budget doesn’t stretch to a four figure machine. The machine I’ve purchased has a 4inch by 4inch hoop which is perfect for me, I’ve made a few quilt labels, tried a birthday card and made a patch for the other half. It does appliqué too which I’m still to investigate.

Like most of us sewing ladies and gents I’ve got loads of sewing projects to start or to finish so I’ve managed to finish a few other projects, my mother claimed my lovely gnome grown quilt, she doesn’t normally like traditional quilts but she liked this quilt when she saw it in pieces, after a week of debating whether to hang it on my wall (which is why I made the quilt) or to give it to be loved and used on a bed. I gave her the quilt just before lock down began and she loved it, threw the shop brought throw off her bed and placed it on her bed. Dad has since told me he’s had decorate the room to match the quilt.

During lockdown I’m still going into work on a rota to support kids of key workers, I’ve also been asked to complete some courses so I’ve started the courses. I’ve also started my sons dream quilt, this quilt is something he saw a few years ago whilst looking at my iPad, a rainbow Bargello. I brought the jelly rolls three years ago then life got in the way. I have in the last week pieced the top together, ordered the backing from and now waiting for the wadding to arrive. My son is convinced I will have it finished before very soon. The ironing of the Bargello is very satisfying as I like things to sit neatly. What projects have you begun or completed?