I had originally meant this blog to be about the Mystery Quilt BOM that I’m running for UKQU members, but I’m now thinking that might be next week’s topic as this one has become rather much longer than I had intended. Sorry!

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I now know I never truly understood what people meant when they’ve said how they’ve been ‘humbled’ by someone or something? I really didn’t appreciate that phrase before…

Personally I’m a huge supporter of anything creative as being a good therapy for anybody. A bit of absorption time, even if what you’ve created doesn’t really thrill you, you’ve spent some quality time away from the everyday world.

Like everyone, I had to adapt to this lockdown stuff…..

So I started making short daily videos to try and encourage people to do a bit. Keep busy, create a few things, maybe learn a few things. With a very nervous and embarrassed me (this doesn’t happen easily!) and a list of things I thought I might say. I really didn’t have a clue. I just thought we might make a quilt with a few blocks and I’d explain a few things. I wanted to stay in touch with my students, friends and members, locally and throughout the country (and it transpired, to be much further afield!). A few blocks, have now multiplied into 5 fair sized quilts with another on the way!!

I called the videos ‘Patchwork Wittering’s’, as that pretty well describes what I do each day. I talk about quilting and offer lots of free patterns and hopefully useful advise, but I also talk about absolutely anything that might come into my mind at the time!! It can be a bit random, including boiling eggs and hair dye that didn’t really, reminders to exercise or tidy up and to talk to friends you haven’t seen in a while. Also Black Cat Tom who (mostly) lives in my studio and now has his own following, including his own Facebook page if you want to see him…… I also created a witter support group on Facebook where people could post photos of their work and access the free patterns I was putting out there for everyone.

The videos quickly became me being the ‘daft’, ‘crazy’, ‘unique’, ‘individual’, ‘colourful’, ‘quirky’ (I like quirky) presenter/entertainer for/to quite a few ladies and gents isolated within our quilting society. Isn’t it amazing when you stop and realize how others see you. How they perceive you and respond to you. Everyone picks up different bits and sees things differently, not always wonderfully either. Quite amazing!

Everyday I make up a block, very often not having a clue what I was going to do before I started the video. ‘The Witter Quilt’ quickly became 5 Witter Quilts, with different techniques, we’re now on Witter Quilt 6, which is based on Christmas Applique designs…… I now ‘Witter’ a couple of times a week as I have to do a bit of regular work as well. I’ve had to re-invent how I work, where, what, why as well, this blasted virus really is responsible for an awful lot of change for all of us.

I even ended up teaching 3 of our household how to quilt….. (they constantly make fun of my video’s, you really don’t want to know about ‘Reg’!) 😂

Why not come and join us in our Witterings! So many of us are members of UKQU, doing our bit together!


Anyway, the two main points of this ‘Witter’ is to say thank you to very many people! I really have been humbled!! The private messages I have been privileged to receive, the calls, cards and now the visits to my studio. The thanks, the stories and experiences shared and the realization that I have been able to help quite a few people, on many levels. I’m amazed at who and where and in what manner. Apparently I have several husbands who now watch with their wives and are taking an interest in quilting, amazing. Thank you.

……and to remind all of us to ‘be lovely’! Some days and situations can make this very hard to do or be, I know this. You just never know what’s going on in another persons life though. I’ll hold my hand up and admit I can get it very wrong as I too, have a lot of things going on in my life at present.

I seem to have re-invented myself in may ways during this strange year. How I work, why I work and where I work. How I see my job and why I continue it despite an awful lot, my reasoning has been reinforced by quilters, creatives and happy people. Garden classes, screens between indoors, videos, photos, messages, post and staying put in Cornwall for extended periods of time. Thank you so much, I have a reason to continue my designing and teaching.

Be Lovely!

Abbie x