We all must buy those projects we have great intentions to finish with a room or place in mind. I have only been quilting for about nine years, one of the first things I wanted was a quilt for my bedroom so as you can guess I don’t have one on my bed to this day! The top is complete, it’s layered and I’ve started quilting it, then I put it down and made other quilts for family and discovered new techniques and items to make.

This sampler quilt has been the quilt I have decided I want on my bed, it was a block of the month which came precut, never again, lesson learnt as some pieces were a little small, with some jiggery pokery I’ve got a complete quilt top. I’ve machine quilted the center all panel to ensure the pieces don’t move as some seams are neat, I’m currently hand quilting the sashing which I always enjoy when I get going. There are so many sections which I enjoy to complete but I hate the preparation and found within the last year not being able to go to the shows to get ideas and to buy the equipment needed. I have a shopping list ready for shows whenever we can attend again. Does anyone else love the process of quilting but dread the preparation required?

I felt ambitious at the end of 2020 and I have written a list of ten ufo to finish this year, one a month it doesn’t seem too daunting! Then I discovered I needed backing fabric so I will need to rethink my list or get online shopping! Do any of you have successful ways to get your UFO’s completed?