These challenges certainly get your brain thinking.  Some themes come readily to mind, whereas others require some thinking about.  I thought when I picked baby socks it would be easy.  However, this one took a bit of thinking about.  Generally, I would have liked to make a wall hanging or cushion, but that would have including a personalisation.  As I didn’t have anyone specific to make for, I opted to create a frame.  That means it’s ready for when it’s needed and a personalised message could go on the reverse.

I chose appliqué as the method, it seemed perfect for creating the contrasting toes and heels.  Watch the video below as I explain how it was made and other options for how to adapt and use the block

You could frame your block as I have done, it would certainly look good on a nursery wall.  This is definitely a design I’ll be coming back to and will develop some time in the future.  However you choose to use the block, I hope you have  fun and I look forward to seeing your photos.  You can get your free pattern download, including the templates here.