After spending more than a year of living mostly at home and or isolated, we are all hoping we can meet up with the people who matter to us, over the Christmas holiday. But we also know not everyone has that promise of joy if their family are away or they are on their own. For some of us it can be a very lonely time, and let’s face it, the TV is just plain rubbish at that time of the year. So we sew: We enjoy doing what matters to us as quilters.


Something’s afoot this Christmas! A small group of quilters have gotten together to create an opportunity for anyone wanting friendship, companionship and an opportunity for some group quilting over Christmas 2021.

Let suppose there was a ‘Gathering of Quilters’ somewhere that we can visit and enjoy meeting up with people who quilt. Somewhere where you can enjoy wandering around a small exhibition of quilts, watch a demonstration, maybe treat yourself to some new thread or a couple of metres of fabric? What if there was space to bring your own machine and sew with friends, join a small workshop, or listen to someone talking about their quilting journey.

Would you come?

The plan has been hatched for a gathering, somewhere in the UK.

Deals are being sought with local hotels for accommodation and meals.

The venue will have space for all the things we want to do.

It all begins on Christmas Eve morning, will be open on Christmas day, and will finish Boxing Day afternoon.

Before the group goes full-steam ahead, they want to know your thoughts and have created this brief survey, to find out if you would be interested in coming along.

Are there any traders who would like to have a stall there or demonstrators, speakers, and workshop tutors who would like to participate?

We want to make this something that’s not just an event, but an enjoyable, memorable social occasion for everyone.

Until potential numbers are understood it’s harder to talk to a venue or hotel about rates, but the aim will be to make this affordable.  Your help is needed by completing this brief survey.

We know there will be LOTS of questions! However, we are aiming to assess the initial appeal. Once your responses are in, we will take it from there!

Provisional dates are Christmas Eve/Christmas Day 10-5, with Boxing Day 10-4.

There might be a fun evening event on one of the days

We will let you know how things are going as time moves along, but it really will help if as many people as possible can signify their thoughts by ticking the box below that appeals to you. We do need you to join the website so your responses register – but we won’t spam you with stuff so don’t worry. In the future there will be newsletters about this, but you will be asked your permission to send them to you.

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    Yes, I am interested in attendingNo, I am not interested in attending


    If you are interested in trading, demonstrating, teaching or speaking at the event then please send an email to [email protected] to register your interest and then the organisers will get back to you.