On Saturday evening I sat down to write the blog I was going to write, all went well until I tried to insert an image of a block  from EQ 8.  This is normally a simple procedure, open the file, click on the block, click on export/print, set printer to print to “print to Microsoft PDF” and open file in “pictures”.

Not this time, nothing happened, no picture. So after an hour buggering about (if you are of a timid nature step away now – the language could get worse) I thought ok will print to printer, and scan to computer, thought wrong after more buggering about computer say “printer does not exist”. Either I am seeing things as this thing on my left looks very much like a printer to me or computer is playing a little trick for its own amusement.

By this time I was getting quite irate and Bryn (hubby) came in and asked if I had to swear quite so loudly as they could probably hear me next door. I wont print my reply but as you can imagine it involved more swearing and threats to throw the computer through the window into the duckpond our flat overlooks.

Spent about another hour trying to find printer on computer and it was shown in settings as being the default printer but still getting messages that printer did not exist.  Then I had a brainwave – reinstall computer from the installation disc. This didn’t work either, apparently the drivers were not installed on the computer. Ok I will install the bloody drivers, no I wouldn’t because “you cannot install this driver when your computer is operating is “S mode”.

What the bleep bleep bleep is “S mode”. After more buggering about turns out it is a new Microsoft  feature that gives you extra security as it will only allow you to install Microsoft approved soft ware.

Firstly would have been good if they had told me they had done this and secondly how do I get rid of it?

More buggering about found out I had to install software to change from “S Mode”.  So finally managed to get rid of it and install printer and figured out that I could not print from EQ 8 in “S mode” as obviously not approved by Microsoft.

So everything should be fine now, not so EQ 8 would not open, so I thought no more buggering about delete it and reinstall easy, NO

Installed from website, put in my validation code and password and received the following message “cannot be validated using this code as maximum validations have been reached” or words to that effect.

So after more buggering about had a meltdown and decided that was it I had lost EQ 8 and would have to pay for it again. Bryn said absolutely not. Leave the computer alone and look at it tomorrow.

Good advice was wine o’clock by then anyway.

So Sunday morning all calm and collected and slightly hung over, had another brainwave read the quick start guide.  There it was on page 9 , Deactivation and validation – you will need to deactivate your EQ 8 software if you want to use it on more than 2 computers.

But I couldn’t deactivate it because it wasn’t installed, and if it wasn’t installed on this computer, where was it installed? I am not the most tech savvy person in the world so I was a bit baffled. I could only think it was installed somewhere on the hard drive, but I only have one computer so where was the other activated install?

I knew I had deactivated on my old computer and completely wiped it before I sold it. So after some time spent staring in to space and mulling it over, I remembered that my daughter had my laptop (not used for a couple of years) and I seemed to think I had installed it to take on holiday with us and then if the weather was bad I would have something to do.

Quick call to daughter and retrieved lap top. Waited nervously while it updated so I could check If I had installed it. It was installed and I deactivated it and reinstalled it on my computer and is now running fine but I am stilled baffled as to where the other copy is.

So if you can’t run programmes on your computer check to see if you are in “s mode” but don’t ask me how because I haven’t a clue how I found it.

One problem solved now the bloody boilers on the blink and the plumber is doing a lot of tutting and head shaking.

(Few more expletives….)


  1. Carolyn Gibbs

    This was brilliant Jude – provided some much needed hilarity and solidarity (my printer decided to do something similar just before I needed to print all the handouts for Festival of Quilts teaching – do you think they have decided to get together just to spite us?)