So I had this crazy idea at 3am, mid April 2021. A rainbow plague mask to send to the Festival of Quilts. I nearly didn’t sleep at all thinking about it. Thankfully I did sleep, so I was alert enough the next day to get started…

I made a mock up of a paper plague mask I had made a few months ago. The pattern included a joined hat and didn’t really work for my idea so I sped to Etsy for a new pdf. £5 later, I had exactly what I wanted. Here’s my new mock up. Classy huh? It didn’t need to be perfect, just give me an idea of which parts go where and where the colours would be.

I started on the tip of the nose. My first version was hand sewn and is on the left in the photo. The point of the nose was… less than pointy. I gave it a go with Foundation Piecing instead. I tried using superglue to reinforce the seam edges to keep them skinny. This does not work, unless you want it to be absolutely an solid chunk of fabric that could break bricks. (I couldn’t find the fray check) One time I cut the seam too thin. By the sixth iteration, I had a good looking nose. I quickly moved on to the next nose section and by the time I finished watching Resident Evil 4, I had purple and pink all done.

Many hours later, the first photo of the ‘finished’ mask. There’s still work to do but it’s together. I’m slightly annoyed that a couple of the points on the red/orange refused to line up when everything else is perfect, but not enough to redo the red strip. If it went together completely perfectly I’d just be suspicious. And how dare you be that picky anyway!! Frankly I love it, who knew it’d work so well? 

Since this was to be for the Festival of Quilts, it needed something more. A cake board, some model railway figures and a lot of glue later….

And on display at the Festival! I got a ‘Shortlisted’ sticker, I am so proud. The meaning behind it all is pretty obvious and I’m so glad people liked it. I got 4 ‘Excellent’s on the judges feedback, how amazing is that? This was my first  ever piece for the Festival but the whole experience was just so much fun, I can’t wait to do something for next year. Suggestions on a postcard?