With the days getting shorter, I’ve lined up a few quilting mystery books for the next few months. Starting us off is Quilt or Innocence: A Southern Quilting Mystery, by Elizabeth Craig. The book is available as Kindle eBook and second hand paperbacks from a variety of suppliers online. It may also be worth checking your local library. 

The reason for picking this rather old book (from 2012) is that the author is still adding to the series and if you enjoy this type of mysteries, you’re in for a treat. It may come across as a slow read to start with, whilst you are getting to know the characters, but it’ll pick up and be worth it! There are currently 13 books written in the series; the latest one, Quilt-Ridden, was published in March this year;

  • Quilt or Innocence (2012)
  • Knot What It Seams (2013)
  • Quilt Trip (2013)
  • Shear Trouble (2014)
  • Tying the Knot (2015)
  • Fall to Pieces (2017)
  • Patch of Trouble (2017)
  • Pressed for Time (2017)
  • Rest in Pieces (2018)
  • On Pins and Needles (2018)
  • Fit To Be Tied (2019)
  • Embroidering the Truth (2020)
  • Quilt-Ridden (2021)

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