Recently I was sent a pack of quilting needles from Clover – Black and Gold Needles. On opening they are certainly great to look at. The black colour comes from the special plating which allows the needle to pierce the fabric smoothy, reducing drag. The gold, from the top eye of the needle.

Black and Gold Needles – Clover

The pack I received was a mixed pack of quilting needles in three sizes; 9, 10 and 12s, two of each. I do think this mixture pack would be great for those who are starting out on their hand quilting journey as you could start off with the larger of the needles and, with practice, slowly building up (or should I say down) to the smaller needles in the set.

But does the coating make a difference? I threaded up my needle and went for the smallest choice, the 9. I do prefer a smaller needle for quilting as it reduces the stitch size but first I had to thread it… And I know I won’t be alone with the fact that a smaller needle can be tricky but this is the same for all needles. Initially I didn’t have a problem but as the evening progressed, and I became tired, I did struggle a little.

Sewing with the black and gold needle was a delight. Nice and sharp, it glided through my rocking stitch with ease. They are designed to “provide the optimum balance between hardness and flexibility”. Only time will tell if these needles form the gentle ‘bend’ that most of my quilters get after hours of stitching but they are a comfortable needle to use.

Hand quilting with Black and Gold needle

The black coating also makes them “rust, bend and break resistant”. To be honest, most good quality needles should be rust resistant anyway but this coating will ensure a clean, straight needle every time you use it.

Whilst I am talking about needles – have a think about the last time you changed yours.  Do a test stitch – pierce the needle into and out of a taunt piece of fabric.  Do you have to push it through?  Can you feel resistance?  Is there a slight ‘pop’ as you puncture the fabric?  If so,  change your needle.  We are all guilty of thinking our needles last a lifetime but sewing,  especially quilting,  is so much easier with a sharp needle.