When your twin nieces have very definite ideas about what they want for their birthday, you do all you can to make those dreams come true! So when my niece asked for a rainbow quilt with queen poppy (the troll) on the back I immediately went to my stash of Alison Glass sun prints. I had seen a rainbow quilt on a recent email from Missouri Star and with a bit of research located and bought the pattern “brighter days” from JK quilts.

The fruits of the labour…… now they needed to be trimmed though to 2.5” square… all 360 of them!!

Oh this will be an easy one, after all it’s only half square triangles I told myself, and then I looked closer and realised there was a lot to work out despite having the pattern. I didn’t want to make each set in pairs, not when I needed 8 of some combinations and 4 of others, it made sense to use the easy eight and the four in one methods to create these quickly. The other thing I found was that the pattern gave colour blocks instead of the print names, and as I later found out those colour blocks didn’t always correspond correctly to the detailed blocks where the patterns could be seen.


Trimming away with Netflix for company
That clearly perfect slotted trimmer was a sanity saving device and worth its weight in gold

August bank holiday weekend arrived and on the Friday night I made all 360 of the half square triangles, Saturday I trimmed them using the clearly perfect slotted trimmer and boy was I thankful for that little tool! I then had to press them all open and find a way to arrange them for easy access, so they were wonderclipped and placed in one of my project baskets.


Finally they were done and trimmed, now to sort them to assemble

The first few blocks were hard! Not because they were complex but because there were so many combinations to sift through in order to set out each block, and by the end of Sunday only 1/3 of the quilt was together. This feeling reminded me of the love hate relationship I had with postcards from Sweden but I kept telling myself this will look amazing, keep going.


Slow going,  it was only a third done

An extra day on the weekend as bank holiday Monday rolled around and what better use of that time than to finish the topper, so with determination I sorted through each block and made stacks for each one, then just kept going until finally at 12.30am on the Tuesday the topper was done and ready to be quilted.


Finally it was all together and just needed the white borders, I enlarged these to 5” to make the quilt a better size.

Do I like it? Yes, I absolutely adore the colours and the spectrum of Alison Glass fabrics, the colours lend themselves so perfectly to this particular project, yet I find myself with a question….. how can I have now made 3 quilts with this fabric plus several mini projects and my basket of Alison Glass is as full as it ever was?!?.


To finish the project I used aurifil dove grey 2600 (50wt) to freemotion the swirls design all over, and remembering that the request had been that Queen Poppy the troll had to be on the back and a space nebula. I think this should hit the spot! And now it’s all packed up and ready to gift to one excited little girl.

Queen Poppy gets pride of place on the back and will be close to my Nieces heart when she sleeps under the quilt