Recently I was exited to be able to join what was the second (somewhat delayed) annual retreat for an intrepid group of quilters collectively known as ‘Lady Chattey’s Quilt Lovers’. Thirteen ladies travelled to Denham Grove hotel in Uxbridge, a popular choice for quilting retreats; to chat, relax and sew. Running from 1pm Friday to 5pm Sunday, it was a chance for us all to get away from the mundane and meet up with friends, as well as to make new acquaintances with two new members joining to the group. Two members were much missed, unable to go this year, but looking forward to the 2022 retreat, and their places had been eagerly filled.

In line with social distancing regulations tables were arranged so they could all have some loud conversations while they sewed, extension leads dug out to plug everything in, and some serious sewing commenced, except from organiser Penny Chattey, who managed to do almost no sewing on the retreat once again.

Many topics were covered as they chatted, from the mundane to the risqué, and even the possibility of having a masseuse on hand at the next retreat was broached… We shall have to wait and see on that one.

£15 was won on a lotto syndicate, however, £24 was spent on tickets, so not the best win of the weekend. This accolade goes to the £86 raised for charity by Sue Gore with the sale of fabric from an estate. The money raised, along with Sue’s continuing fund-raising efforts will be going to Brain Tumour Research, and previous sales from the estate have sent money to the Air Ambulance Service.

They learned to check your foot pedal is with your sewing machine as two ladies took a swift trip back to retrieve the missing item, but other than that nothing was forgotten, except that a pen was very hard to come by. How did so many women not have a biro between them? Two more ladies vanished for the Saturday morning on a shopping trip, and various people vanished to the bar after dinner… The swimming pool also got some use. Altogether a great weekend was had by all and everyone is looking forward to next years’ retreat.

A selection of the weekend’s work by the Lady Chattey’s Quilt Lovers!