My lockdown diary is nearly at its end, just one more week to go. Reading this a year later I should have realized health wise I was not being careful.

Day 93: Trellis Layout, white perle thread.

Diary Entry: Not able to get up until after dinner, even then my body did not want to work or the fact my head was clear. It was nice to have a soak in a bath and then I felt better, so I managed to set my machines up and sew two pairs of scrub trousers, although I did not get them hemmed.

Felt like I had achieved something today, considering my flare up state in the last few weeks.

Today’s stitch is a trellis layout, looking at it as a foundation base.

Day 94: None

Diary Entry: Written retrospectively the following day. I had a bad headache all day. Ending up going to bed at nine and slept through to 9am. I kept waking every few hours either to pee or because I was in pain.

No sewing done. Picture taken from day nine.

Day 95: Mark making, brown perle thread.

Diary Entry: Video call with chatty ladies. Then today I read a post that said the ftlos group was winding down. I can’t help being sad as it means I then lose my purpose. Most struggled in lockdown. But the scrubs gave me my life back to some degree. I am very melon colic today. Feel so low.

Today’s stitches were down with a small length thread and I randomised it until it ran out. At one point going double and I did not correct it.

Day 96: None

Diary Entry: Spent the day social distancing and sewing with my sewing ladies. I only managed to sew two scrub tops. Others sewed gowns and some sewed scrub hats. It was a very productive day. The weather was great, as it was hot so we sat in the shade. I still got burnt shoulders as I was sat in sun at dinner time. As most of us have been shielding it has been great to get out. And the host’s garden was very big to allow us to sew socially distanced, we brought our own tables as well.

No sewing tonight as just too wiped.

Picture taken from day five of the diary.

Day 97: French Knots, two strand pale yellow embroidery thread.

Diary Entry: Rested most of the day, which is what I needed. Watched the Sewing Bee and pleased with the winner.

Today’s stitch was French knots concentrating on the thickness of the knots.

Day 97: No sew again.

Diary Entry: Flare still present. I managed the house work and the ladies came round to help me sort the fabric in the tent. By the end of the day I was wiped. Bath and then just chilled.

Picture taken from day 33 of the diary.

Day 98: No sewing

Diary Entry: Flare has really wiped me. Not done much apart from stay in bed most of the day. Only got up for chatty ladies then went back to bed until 2pm. I managed to get dressed and a brief trip out to sort Kira Bass to be re-stringed. Tea, take out, wiped again. No sewing. Just too tired, it was hard to hold a needle. Washed the sun lounger cushion in the hope it will be another nice day so I can sit and sew in the sun.

Photo taken from day 10 of the diary.

Day 99: None achieved again.

Diary Entry: Rained on and off, and with the damp I struggled to remove myself from the bed. I however did manage to go to a supermarket for the first time since lockdown. Both my husband and I were stressed with each other. It was his first time round the shops too. It was horrible. No one seems to think we are in a pandemic. Seriously, life for most it seems is no more than a minor inconvenience. Maybe they should have heard some of the nurses tell their story. Of how one sat with a dying 22 year old and there was nothing to be done. They say Covid is mild within the young. Well if dying from it is mild I hate to see a serious condition. Maybe that’s the zombies we have all seen pack out a beach. Makes me so mad when we have, as a family for the most part, obeyed the rules.

Okay I needed a cuddle with my step bad before we were allowed to bubble. And we have had family member sit in our garden having a social distanced coffee because they were so upset over a similar health condition and were at breaking point.

I think if we are all honest a few of us have slipped a little.

No sewing again. Heart not in it.

Picture taken from day 44 of the diary.