Who doesn’t love a Kevin Costner Film. Field of Dreams is one of my favourites, Little did I know that one day I would have a ‘Field of Dreams’ of my very own.

In the Kevin Costner version, he ploughs up a Field of corn to make way for a Baseball Pitch, where legends from the past can come and play. My field was a cow grazing patch on the family Dairy farm.

The dream started with a house move, we were leaving the farmhouse and moving into the granny annexe next door. Gracie the Long arm had to be moved to. So the idea of having a ‘She Shed’ in the garden was hatched. The seed of an idea milled around and grew, no longer did I want a shed in the garden, but a proper Quilting studio with room for client consultations, a small office space and storage. For weeks my husband heard of nothing but my no named ‘Quilting Studio’. Then he made that silly mistake, over lunch while I was wittering on about my plans, he made the remark ‘well if you are going to build something, build it as big as you can’. A few weeks later, after a trip to the local architect, I had plans in my hand.

Now as it was his idea to go big, the garden was never going to be suitable, so a field was picked and planning was submitted. That was March 2019, by August my planning had been approved for a New purpose built Quilting studio and large workshop room.

Groundwork’s started straight away and soon I had a field of mud and piles of mud. Levels were done and foundations completed just before Christmas 2019.

My dream was slowly becoming a reality, The builders returned after the Christmas break and we could finally get the building out of the ground. Steels went up first and then the framework began. Work continued at quite a pace and by March 2020 the windows and door were to go in. Then on the day my building was being made water tight, The Government announced a national lock down due to the global pandemic Coved 19.

So Hubbie, both sons and the builders made mad dashes to all building suppliers to collect as much materials as we needed to finish the build.

Over the first lock down, my builder continued to come, but following guild lines meant it was one, maybe two people at a time. Work was painfully slow, but at least it was continuing. Other trades had to come onto site and on these days the builder could not. |But thankfully by summer electrics, plumbing, plastering and underfloor heating had all been completed.

During the building work I continued to quilt for customers from the sun lounge of the farmhouse, but was dreaming of Gracie’s new home. Now I knew the new building was bigger than I had oringanlly planned, but when the building started to get out of the ground I realised just how much space I would have. Gracie was going to be awfully lonely in her new big room, so with the phrase ‘ In for a penny…’ flouting around I decided to get another Longarm Machine. After a lot of thought, I went back to Liz and Pete at Pinhole quilting and ordered a Handi Quilter Forte with computerised system. The new machine was due for delivery in October, I now had a deadline to work to.

Thought went to being open for business, so after a lot of thought the end of October was to be my opening. But no open day for me, because of social distancing it was decided to have an open week, October 26th 2020 was when my ‘Field of dreams’ was to become a reality.

Work continued at pace inside, lighting was fitted along with a full kitchen and finally the flooring went down. While all this work was going on inside, outside the cladding went on and the final roof sheets were put up.

At the beginning of October Gracie was moved into her new forever home, followed a week later by Nigel, the new HQ Forte.

I then had a busy couple of weeks, I had a lovely new building, but it was just a big empty space. I needed to make it a Home from Home workshop room.

Luckily I had been collecting bits and pieces for awhile, but the week up to opening was a hectic one of building Ikea furniture, getting things out of storage and making the studio look like the picture I had in my head.

So on October 26th 2020, I finally opened my ‘Field of Dreams’. It was hard work, But we had a great opening week, but a week later we went into another national lockdown, but at least I got to go to work everyday, to my beautiful ‘Field of Dreams’

I have now been open for a whole year, and am grateful every day for my lovely new Studio and Workshop space.

Part 2 of my story to follow, xx


  1. Mo Jones

    Very well written Sarah, your field of dreams keep most of us going through both lockdowns, by you sending a select few many lovely updates. It was a big pleasure to be part of it with you. Love working in the lovely workspace as often as I can. Onwards and upwards lovely Sarah. X