I am writing this blog on the morning of what’s going to be the hottest day on record for the UK…or so they say.

So I decided to prepare for the melt down by making a ‘Cool Scarf’ like this…

First I cut a piece of fabric 6″ x 34″. Folded in half lengthways (rst) and stitched along the long edge tapering the end.

Turned it through and pressed.

Starting 8″ from the end I then marked the centre section at 4″ intervals with pins.

I machined across the first section and filled this part with 1 level teaspoon of Aquagel (water restoring crystals for watering plants)…this doesn’t seem very much..trust me..it’s plenty! I used an inner tube from gift wrap to make this easier.

Then machined across this 4″ pocket to enclose. Repeat for all the 4  pockets..filling and machining as you go.

I enclosed the other end by turning the ends in and machining across to finish (this could of course be tapered but I was keen to see the end result!)

I squirted with my water bottle..which was a bit futile tbh!

So I popped it in the sink to soak..and Voila!!!

I squeezed it out a bit and it’s now laying in wait for the hottest day on record… in the fridge…

Stay safe everybody and stay cool.