Stashes, we all seem to have them, some bigger than others, but do we really need them?!?!

Fat quarter storage

I know, I know, it’s a hanging offence just to ask that kind of a question to quilters, but seriously, do we really need a huge stash?

1 box of yardage

Some would say definitely yes; others would say that they buy what they need for a project and once completed, will buy what they need for the next project. Some people admit to having a stash so large that they could not possibly use all the fabric in their lifetime!

boxes full of pre-cuts

So, where do you stand on this?

I have a relatively small stash compared to a lot of quilters; however, it is probably worth several thousands of pounds, just sitting there on shelves, in cupboards or in drawers. But at this point, I could probably use all of the fabric in my lifetime, providing that I do not buy any more, how likely is that!?!?

Some solid fabric on boards stored 2 deep

I know of some quilters that have so much fabric that they no longer know what fabrics they actually have in their stash.

This got me to thinking that should something happen to me what will my family do with all of my stash, machines, rulers, and all of the paraphernalia that we seem to collect with our hobby. They have no idea of the value of any of these items and I cannot imagine them researching this before getting rid of anything. So, I decided that I will make the effort to log most of what I have and write what I want done with items, so that they are not just bagged up and given to the local charity shops.

I know that it is not a pleasant subject, but have you made plans for your stash…?


  1. Teresa Barrow

    It sounds sad, but I have actually nominated a “stash executor” in my will. I don’t want my machines, books and material ending up in a skip or a black binbag to the charity shop. She is cool with that, and I know it will then be used in C4CL (Quilts for Care Leavers) ongoing efforts either for fundraising or quilts.