I am getting ridiculously excited.   A long last we plan to turn our garden cabin into my sewing room, mostly because I have outgrown the small bedroom and space in there has shrunk.  Well, I say shrunk, but if truth be known I have had a bit of a spending spree on fabrics lately.    That ‘R” date is on the horizon in a few years time so I am starting a fabric reserve to make sure I have plenty to go at once I am at home full time!

The first step will be to clear out the junk that has accumulated in the cabin.  It is a big cabin . so there will be plenty of space.   It’s also currently storing quilts and tops for Q4CL .. but they are not an issue and there will be plenty of space for those in the spare bedroom if needed.   It’s going to be lovely this summer sat outside in the cabin sewing whilst hubby is sat in the extension watching his cricket.   Our garden is not immense, and the cabin used to be my lad’s photography studio, but for the last few years, since he left home, it’s only been used for storage and the junk in there has just accumulated.

What we need first are shelves.  So after deliberating about these over a few gins and a ginger beer [guess which one of us doesn’t drink], we decided to go rustic.

Scaffold Board are on their way for the shelving.  More of that later on once they arrive.   I think probably two tables for cutting and laying out the quilt sandwich for flexibility, room to store wadding, and of course the table for me to sit and sew at.   There is already a lovely set of edwardian drawers and a georgian style cupboard  we found in a junk shop which will keep things tidy and away from the prying little fingers of our grandchildren, who are constantly to and fro.   I have bought two patchwork chairs because I could!  No reason not to.  You can see how close to the house the cabin is .. near enough for a dash even in the rain and I get to see the lovely clematis too.  Its stunning isn’t it.   After sewing, gardening is my next passion.  We recently bought a greenhouse which means even more time outside now.

Security has already been sorted.  CCTV is being installed to cover the garden and the front of the house, and we have always had security lighting out there.   There is a security light that actually shouts at burglars to get out!   Haha –  I had to ask my wicked son and his Dad to take the swear words off though, much as I quite liked the thought of intruders trying to find the source of the person telling them to ‘f’ off out of our garden I didn’t think the neighbours would appreciate it.    It certainly is loud.   The locks are very secure too.

Tilly, our cat, has already been on the phone to order her new bed, but she will always find the comfiest places to snuggle into.

Over this last bank holiday I started to sort out my current sewing room .. which I am really enjoying.   So far I have three large bags of scraps sorted for string quilts.  Two more drawers of scraps and a jiggle of FQ’s and larger pieces that are not quite half metres in another which need a proper sort.   Then there are the colour sorted small boxes that the embroidery threads sit on top of and which I had almost forgotten about.   All these fabric scraps and I have not even started going through the yardage in the larger boxes.   The magazines might go, and one or two books I think as well.  I have some lovely little notions and things people have given me over the years that I can never give up – like a little book with a tiny thimble attached, and the Baby Shark Candy gave me on retreat.  The Tissue keeper and fabric box my lovely friend Joan sent me once.  The Swop Quilt that Penny sent me when I had to pull out of the first mini swop and the one Jeannie made me at the same time that I cover my machine with.    I keep them all and they will all find a place in the new cabin.  Oh, and then the wicker baskets, but more of them another time.

When I first started sewing I used to buy FQ’s.  then the habit kicked in and I started buying half metres in case I needed more, and now I am up to two, sometimes three metres of fabric at a time.   It has to stop, but then …. ooh, fabric and at such a bargain price …   sorry, I was distracted for a short while there.   I blame the internet mostly as it’s so easy to sit browsing and finding the bargains.    This blog is starting to sound more like a confessional now.

The nicest thing about sorting fabrics are the memories.   The smallest boxes are from some of my very early efforts;  the seaside fabrics from holidays in Whitby, the scraps from fabrics bought at Grosvenor’s Great Northern Quilt Show, at FOQ and more.  There’s a box of fabrics received as presents and the scrap from the very first metre my daughter bought me for Mother’s Day one year, not forgetting the FQ cake the lovely Bloggerati gave me for my birthday last year on retreat.   I love the fabrics left over from the quilts I have made and given away, especially those for my family and sitting remembering all the happy memories they bring.  Perhaps I might make my own memory quilt one day.

For now, it’s all in boxes ready for the big move.   The threads are still laid across the carpet, and the snippets of fabrics from the Deco Days Mystery Quilt I am making from Abbie Searle’s pattern are all over the floor too. I will pick them up.  I promise I will, soon.

Watch out for more news of the big move!


  1. Sharon Reid

    Looks like its going to be the in place to go! How lovely is this to finally get a dedicated space. My small bedroom has also become outgrown, one day soon I too shall have another place to go. I bet you are dead excited.

  2. Susan Hockley

    I have long been telling all and sundry that I am building up a stock of fabric for if and when I can no longer afford to buy it. I have a badge saying ‘It’s not stash. It’s my retirement fund’! I am fortunate in that my OH encourages me to buy! After all, he says, if you don’t use it someone will! As we have a daughter and a grandaughter who sew, it’s a point. Our grandson enjoys a bit of sewing now and then, too!